About Us: History

Over 25 Years of Service

At Ortec, Inc., our history is important to us. Our founder, Dr. Larry Brotherton, has a passion for quality, solutions and work done right the first time. Even as the company grows and develops new services, we never forget the values that made us who we are as a company.

Larry Brotherton learned hard work growing up on a farm in eastern Tennessee. He polished his work ethic by putting himself through college and by earning a Ph.D. in chemistry. With funds from the sale of his family home, he started his own custom synthesis company (Ortec, Inc.) in 1980.

The company quickly outgrew the space it was leasing, and the first plant site was built in Easley, SC in 1985. This site still functions as a manufacturing site and corporate headquarters. During these early years, the company began to expand its custom synthesis work beyond pharmaceutical intermediates, to include offerings in solution, emulsion and isocyanate polymer chemistry. The company also began rapid development by carving out niches like specialty latexes, acrylonitrile chemistries, custom coating and adhesives.

Throughout the 1990s, as both the polymer and specialty processing businesses grew, the Easley site footprint grew as well. Although the company had sectioned off parts of the site to serve the pharmaceutical, medical device and food markets, it became apparent that a second site, one dedicated to cGMP manufacturing, was needed.

Ortec completed this second manufacturing site in Piedmont, SC in 2001. The cGMP facility allowed the company to continue its expansion of custom manufacturing services in the medical field. The company also introduced its first line of products with the launch of REACTISOL® antioxidant blends for the food industry, and ALTASORB® lactide and glycolide monomers for the medical device and drug delivery industries.

In 2005, the Easley Site saw the addition of eight acres, with expanded warehousing and office space. But even with this addition, the company needed more room to grow. In early 2007, a third plant site was announced, located in Pendleton, SC with 95 acres and 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

While Ortec is proud of its many years of continual growth, we look forward to serving our customers well into the future. Ortec is still privately held, with members of the next generation already involved in the business. The company is continually engaged not only in improving our manufacturing capabilities, but also in ensuring that our internal systems and personnel structure will support our customers for years to come.

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